Encrypt your users' data easily without storing keys

Key Armory is the first and only off-site encryption key management service providing on-site encryption/decryption.

Why use Key Armory?

Off-site Keys

Your master decryption keys do not need to be present on your servers. All key requests happen via the Key Armory API using a per project API Key.
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Access to keys are on a per project basis allowing you to separate data from their keys. If your data or server is ever compromised, you can easily lock down that project.
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Our API is very fast and is deployed on Google infrastructure. If you're a Google Cloud or AWS customer, you can expect superior performance.
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Batteries Included

Client libraries for popular programming languages are pre-written for your use removing the need to re-invent the wheel or adapt to our internals.
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We're in the business of creating simple solutions to important problems. There should not be a barrier when dealing with encryption.
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Your data never touches Key Armory servers which means one less vector of attack and one less vendor to audit, plus no huge unencrypted paylods over the wire.
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Each call for decryption to our API is logged for your review later. You can compare the token used to determine exactly which piece of data was decrypted.
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You are provided a copy of your encryption keys so that the durability of your encrypted data does not depend on Key Armory.
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No contracts, no monthly minimums, no hidden fees, and your first 50,000 operations are free each month. Each operation is either a request for a one-time key (encryption) or a retrieval of a one-time key (decryption).

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